Atjazz (Deep House Artist)

Atjazz (Deep House Artist)

Atjazz (Deep House Artist): Martin Iveson, better known as Atjazz, is a British musician who has been prominent in the electronic music industry since the mid-1990s. He has become well-known for his distinct blend of deep house, jazz, and broken beat, as well as his abilities as a producer and remixer.

Atjazz’s musical adventure began in the early 1990s, when he began DJing in bars around Derby. He was intrigued to the sounds of house music at the time and began experimenting with creating his own tracks using a computer and a sampler.

Atjazz began to build a name for himself in the UK underground dance scene as he honed his skills as a producer. In 1996, he launched his debut EP, “Story,” which drew the attention of DJs and producers alike.

Atjazz’s Music

Martin has also been a prolific remixer over the course of his 20-year career, revising and collaborating on releases for musicians all over the world. Nitin Sawhney, Bob Sinclar, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, The RAH Band, Karizma, Osunlade, Zed Bias & Omar are just a few of the names on the list (he was even asked to remake Henri Mancini’s “The Pink Panther Returns” for EMI Records). Martin still enjoys rethinking artists’ work as much as his rigorous schedule permits, because “remixing helps to hone your sound,” and he is not slowing down. His dubs for St. Germain’s exciting major release on the Parlaphone/Warner France label demonstrate his international popularity.

Atjazz top Songs

  • 1. Touch the Sun
  • 2. For Real (Version Remix)
  • 3. It’s Complete (Chateau Flight Dark Side remix
  • 4. For Real (Original)
  • 5. Dirty Ride
  • 6. It’s Complete
  • 7. Day 2001
  • 8. Harmony
  • 9. Kidnapped
  • 10. Strike
  • 11. All That
  • 12. Labfunk
  • 13. Heavy Weather
  • 14. Interlude
  • 15. Casa De Ilusión
  • 16. Everything
  • 17. Wrong Type Of Day
  • 18. Fantasy
  • 19. It’s Complete (Chateau Flight Darkside Remix)
  • 20. Peanuts
  • 21. Please You feat. Clyde
  • 22. Wind & Sea
  • 23. Rain Angel
  • 24. See-Line Woman – Main Mix
  • 25. Eastern Sound
  • 26. Please You (GarcyNoise Remix)
  • 27. Mess Up
  • 28. Witchbender
  • 29. Before
  • 30. Open a Window
  • 31. Wind and Sea
  • 32. Harmony – Dixon’s Late Night Remix
  • 33. Wind & Sea (Nail remix)
  • 34. It’s Complete – Chateau Flight Darkside Mix
  • 35. For Real
  • 36. Facet of Jazz
  • 37. Against all Odds
  • 38. One (feat. Amalia)
  • 39. The Walk Home
  • 40. Fox Tooth
  • 41. Harmony (Little Big Bee remix)
  • 42. Storm
  • 43. Nerve Service
  • 44. Before (feat. Clara Hill)
  • 45. In and Out
  • 46. Fantasy (feat. Sarah Jane Morris)
  • 47. Joystick
  • 48. Please You (Original Extended Mix)
  • 49. Does This Qualify?
  • 50. Before – Feat. Clara Hill

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