Fakaza – Chill House Music Mix

Fakaza - Best of August Deep House Mix

Chill House Music Mix Mp3 is out. The Song Download lyrics is Available on Fakaza, Zamob, Tubidy for Steams or listen,

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Here is our Discovering of House, Deep House, Afro House Song in a live stream.


00:00 Seamit – Miles to Go
02:20 Shiek – Lazy Day (feat. kaii)
04:37 Mauve – Not Alone
07:13 Monomy & COLIN – Breathe Again (feat. Nokyo)
09:52 Relŭm – Le Soleil
11:49 RANE – Paradise
14:05 Novino – Lights Down Low
15:54 hølm – Longer (feat. Willy Jules)
17:58 Lapsi – Swim (feat. Sansa)
20:15 Luvine – Hasta Luego (feat. Ladina Viva)
22:15 SRTW & MOWYA – The Bottom
25:10 SRTW & MOWYA – Words I Said
28:04 SRTW & MOWYA – Home
31:00 Sole Sole – More Than A Feeling (feat. WAVO X)
33:23 nourii – A Little Bit Less (feat Lapsi)
35:21 VELMA – Alive
37:45 Unora – Only Reason (feat. Aurila)
40:03 Leviro – Mojave Desert
42:09 YVO – Enjoy the Ride (feat. Nyghtfall)
44:03 Loumé – Waves
45:47 donnie – confessions
47:52 Monomy & COLIN – Time Flies
50:47 SRTW & Nimus – Snow Falls Down (feat. flower thief)
52:50 Shiek – Break (feat. VLCNO)
54:52 Fella Sleep – All I Have
56:48 Unora – Lonely (feat. Chris Crone)
59:01 Nimus – Be Here with Me (feat. flower thief)
01:01:33 SRTW – Good Vibes (feat. Divine Fem)
01:03:34 Blewbird – Alright
01:06:05 YVO – Should I Go (feat. Nokyo)
01:08:09 donnie – good liar

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