“J Molley calls Emtee a skinny addict,” cancels their joint EP

"J Molley calls Emtee a skinny addict," cancels their joint EP

J Molley leaves the collaborative EP he was working on with Emtee.

The two teamed up to work together after Molley’s June suicide attempt failed.

Emtee was among the celebs that offered admiration for the rapper on social media.

J Molley declared in a video posted to social media that he was pulling out of the joint EP because of Emtee’s reckless actions.

Even with all of the money spent to make sure the project was finished and distributed, J disclosed that he paid for the meal, the transportation, and the rapper Lean. Emtee, however, apparently couldn’t write lyrics for the music project because he was too busy sleeping after using Lean.

The public’s impression of Roll Up star rapper Emtee was further validated when Molley disclosed in the video that he is a skinny junkie.

“As a stand-up comedian, I cover the cost of the studio sessions and give them gas money because motherf**s don’t have much money.” They couldn’t afford to buy their own KFC, so I bought them a KFC after giving them gas money. I purchase lean food for both Emtee and Youngserunno,” J Molley said..

“He couldn’t put on his shoes and did pass out on the couch.” In the last week, I had three sessions with Emtee, and he was unable to rap a single bar. Two of the lines rhyme, so that’s four bars with the same things. I would leave him in the studio to do his thing, king. Come back, motherf** rap four bars in two hours,” he continued.

“I’ve paid for everything for the last three sessions they’ve had with me. I bought them KFC, I covered the cost of transportation, they come to the studio, and I buy them lean because Youngseruno and Emtee are lean addicts.

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