Sio (Deep House Artist)

Sio (Deep House Artist)

The Twilight Child, Sióbhan, King is a storyteller who tells her stories with music and poetry. The Johannesburg-based soprano, a lover of words and melodies, frequently gravitates towards dark themes, mixing love, thoughtfulness, and a dash of rebellion into her work.

Sio first made a name for herself in the music industry with her debut track, “Woman,” which was released in 2013. This song immediately became popular, establishing Sio as a talented musician. She kept making new music, and in 2017, she published her first EP, “Native Language.” The EP garnered positive reviews and helped Sio establish himself as one of South Africa’s most promising new performers.


To name a few, Luka, Jullian Gomes, rkls, Kid Fonque, Fred Everything, UPZ, Cuebur, Dwson, and Charles Webster, plus remixes of Jullian Gomes’ hit single 1000 Memories remixed by the brilliant foursome of Osùnlade, Fred Everything, Karizma, Atjazz, and many more globally. The Johannesburg-based South African vocalist defies industry expectations with a string of house hits.

Her debut album Sbtxts, which was released worldwide on August 23rd, 2019 by Kid Fonques label Sty Tru Bts, is a capsule of story driven soulful, electronic sounds that portrays a moment of a girl in love, in all its tension, longing, and yearning, and has been very well received globally.

Sio top Songs

  • 1. Reverse Flight (feat. Dunn.) – Radio Edit
  • 2. Heartburn (Sooibrand)
  • 3. Bruco Gianluco
  • 4. native language
  • 5. Young Cagnolino (Bau Arf Arf Arf)
  • 6. Il Ballo Dell’estate
  • 7. Golden (feat. Kid Fonque, D-Malice)
  • 8. Alchemy
  • 9. 800 minutes
  • 10. La Canzone Del Lavarsi Le Mani
  • 11. Woman
  • 12. Squalo piccolo
  • 13. Estate al fiume
  • 14. Le Cronache Del Re Culo
  • 15. Cactus Sullo Skateboard
  • 16. True Vibe (Fobsterlean Version)
  • 17. Jimmy Verdoora Rhapsody
  • 18. Reverse Flight (feat. Dunn.)
  • 19. place to run
  • 20. i love it
  • 21. The Hour
  • 22. Lover Girl
  • 23. Reverse Flight – Radio Edit
  • 24. could You
  • 25. retrospect
  • 26. Gaslight (Caught Fire)
  • 27. double Tap
  • 28. Young Cagnolino (La Canzonetta Della Marchett
  • 29. Locked (feat. SGVO)
  • 30. Natale Supermagico Di Felicità
  • 31. Torn Tapestries
  • 32. Woman (feat. Charles Webster)
  • 33. blu
  • 34. broken sunset
  • 35. Chet Baker (Introduction)
  • 36. Il Ballo Dell’estate Remix 2014 Megapower
  • 37. Native Language – Fka Mash Glitch Dub
  • 38. There’s Me (feat. Dwson)
  • 39. Yuse
  • 40. Flascio
  • 41. Lucid Lunacy (feat. Jonny Miller)
  • 42. Down
  • 43. Locked
  • 44. Golden
  • 45. Canzone Della Fine Dell’Anno
  • 46. How to Chase
  • 47. Pillowcase
  • 48. Fabrications (feat. Dwson)
  • 49. Aurores
  • 50. Aquamarine (feat. Charles Webster)

Sio is a well-known South African deep house musician, vocalist, songwriter, and producer.

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