Verdagris (Deep House South Africa Artist)

Verdagris (Deep House South Africa Artist)

Verdagris (Deep House South Africa Artist): A South African house music producer who was born and raised in Johannesburg. The majority of his influences come from the foundations of South African dance music tradition and integrate otherworldly aspects from other types of music.

Verdagris was born in the South African city of Johannesburg. He is a gifted musician who has made a name for himself in the deep house music scene. His music is distinctive, and his style may be described as melodic deep house music, with jazzy chords and melodic synths alternating with chugging basslines and hypnotic rhythms. This article will look at who Verdagris is, his music, and how he become such a rising figure in the industry.


Verdagris has worked with Just Move Records, DH Soul Claps Inc, Cultured Music, and has self-released a number of EPs and an album named “The Cove.”

The Music

Verdagris’ music is a unique fusion of genres such as deep house, electronic, and alternative. He has a particular sound that distinguishes him from other performers in the industry.

“Back Pressure,” “Fluid Dynamics,” “Artificial,” and “To The Moon” are among his most popular songs.

Verdagris top Songs

  • 1. To The Moon
  • 2. Back Pressure
  • 3. Daydreaming
  • 4. Fluid Dynamics
  • 5. Rocket Fuel
  • 6. Radar
  • 7. Coffee or Tea
  • 8. Leaving
  • 9. Shock Wave
  • 10. Lifeline
  • 11. Feels so Good
  • 12. Spiral
  • 13. Dream State
  • 14. Artificial
  • 15. Dream State – Thorne Miller Remix
  • 16. Dream State (Thorne Miller Remix)
  • 17. 1 Verdagris – Rocket Fuel MST24b
  • 18. Wind Down
  • 19. Scribble
  • 20. Shock Wave – Thorne Miller Remix
  • 21. The Knock
  • 22. Coffee or Tea MST24b
  • 23. P***iflora

Discover Verdagris, a South African producer of elite underground deep house. He is well-known for his distinct blend of deep house, jazz, melodic synths, and chugging basslines.

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